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Please review 'Your project manager' page


How to send your audio:


  • Contact us via email to book our services. You will need to complete a project booking form and obtain a password to use this facility

  • Once you have a password, enter YOUR email address in the prompt box, followed by your instructions (i.e. deadline etc) in the next prompt box, followed by your given password.

  • Browse around your computer to upload your files.

  • If you have several audio files to send and have them located in one folder on your PC, zip the folder and upload the zipped folder rather than uploading each individual audio file.

  • Once you have lined up all the files you are sending, click on the 'transfer files now' button.

  • DO NOT MOVE AWAY FROM THIS PAGE by browsing around the Internet. You can minimise this page and open another browser window.

  • A progress bar is located at the bottom of the 'Send this file' box to the right.

  • .dss and .wma files are quicker to upload than .wav files or .mp3 files. If you have .wav files uploading bear in mind the progress for upload can take some time but please remember 5. above - do not navigate away from the page until the upload is complete.

If you are having problems with the file sharing system below (i.e. files loading very slowly), you can use this link to start sending through you work, but please remember you need a password from us first



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