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Do what you love.

When you love your work, you become the best worker in the world.

[Uri Geller]

Apart from our audio transcription experience, what we also have in common here at Audiosec Ltd is that we love what we do. It is because we love our work that we can truly say we're passionate about the industry we work in and want to protect its reputation by providing first class transcription services.

As the Director and Project Manager for Audiosec Limited, I am delighted to say that the team members here work together. There is no 'I am the boss and this is how it works' mentality. I strongly believe that if you treat people with the respect and appreciation you would want to receive, you get people who are happy to work alongside you.

We are not some faceless entity you came across on the internet whilst searching for a transcription company, that takes on anybody purporting to be able to transcribe or who pay their transcribers the awful fees that are being paid to people in order to cut costs, draw in the clients but have a huge turnover of staff. We expect the best, offer the best to our team and as such our team stick around and our clients return time and again, bringing others with them.


Just a small sample of the comments received below:


Team comments Client comments

I don’t know about everyone else, but I find it hard to be motivated to do a great job for peanuts (however much I need the peanuts) … in the end I find myself resenting it and feeling undervalued. I would rather take unskilled ‘labouring/cleaning/gardening’ work to top up my transcription and keep the transcription at a respectable rate.

Many thanks to Dee and to you all for your support over the past years and I look forward to working with you in the years ahead. (Bridget)



When I became self employed, the one thing I hadn’t taken into consideration was just how isolated you could feel. When you’re struggling with some incomprehensible piece of dictation all alone it can certainly feel very lonely. When I became part of Audiosec that changed dramatically. Now there were a team of professional, experienced people with a wealth of knowledge, having all come from different working backgrounds, always at the end of an email ready to help in any way they were able to – whatever the query/problem might be. I cannot rate the team at Audiosec highly enough, and that’s not just because I happen to be one of them – but because, if I were outsourcing work, I wouldn’t look any further than Audiosec (Nina)



We're all like happy puppies with you, Dee, and are always keen to do our best for you and your clients because you do your best for us. (Pat)



I love working with Audiosec! The professional approach of the whole team make it an absolute pleasure to work with this group. I am secure in the knowledge that if there are any queries, there is always someone around with expertise in the many different fields we transcribe for, who will help ASAP. (Catherine)



I have been working for Dee and AudioSec for almost four years now following becoming self-employed.  The other members of the team are always so helpful and supportive and have such a huge and varied background that if you have a query, someone is bound to have an answer!  I really enjoy the fact that the type of work is so varied as well from legal to conferences to universities.  Dee works extremely hard to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently, resulting in first-class transcriptions. (Judi)



Working for Audiosec you really feel you’re part of a team, which doesn’t always happen when you work from home.  Dee nurtures this team spirit which is great for both the transcribers and the clients as if one of us has a query about a job there’s always someone who can help.  The company is professional and insists on the highest standards, but it’s also user-friendly, a combination which is not always easy to come by. (Jean)



Audiosec Limited is a friendly professional service. Always delivers accurate work to a tight deadline. Audiosec have saved us time and enabled us to deliver a much needed service. (NCB – Conference transcription)


Audiosec Limited have just completed full transcription services for over 30 interviews conducted for a research project at the University of Salford. Dee provides a very flexible service, and was always able to deal with queries quickly and efficiently. The professionalism that Dee demonstrated leaves me in no doubt that all of the confidential interview files were dealt with in an appropriate manner. I look forward to liaising with Dee again on our next project, and fully recommend her services to my colleagues. (One to one interview transcription - Salford University)



I have worked with AudioSec for over 18 months now and were always satisfied with their services. During this time, AudioSec transcribed over 70 interviews with managers from a leading Indian information technology service provider. All of the transcripts provided by AudioSec were of very good quality, even when the recordings were not always clear. In some cases when the first round of the transcribing left some gaps in the transcripts, the transcribers were happy to give it another try. The transcripts were delivered on time in a well-organized and documented manner. Dee was always available to answer queries quickly and efficiently. Certainly, professionalism, excellent service and quality are among the main values offered by AudioSec. I am glad to recommend her services to my colleagues. (Multi voiced and one to one interview transcription - Rotterdam University)



As far as I can recall, you have been providing transcription services to colleagues at Imperial for some years, as this was how I found out about your service, and to myself for at least five years. During this time, the transcriptions you have made for me have been of a consistently high quality, which is vital to the success of the analysis process. I have been able to dictate and adjust the specification to suit my methods of analysis, and decide on the date for return, and the deadlines specified have always been met. I have also been supported by your company to change my recording methods to digital technology, sending the files through the internet portal and receiving them back by e-mail, and this has worked flawlessly: as something of a technophobe, I am grateful to have been encouraged into the 21st century! (Multi voiced and one to one interview transcription - Imperial College)


The services we have received from Dee has been excellent. The transcripts she has returned have been of a consistently high standard. Even when our interviews have been conducted in less than perfect recording conditions , the accuracy of the transcripts have been impressive. (One to one interviews - Imperial College)



In addition to providing a highly professional and efficient service Dee is also friendly and easy to work with – qualities that to me are as important as technical skills! (Interview transcription - London Metropolitan University)


My final study at Imperial has been a complex 3 year study of 15 national pilot services, generating almost 100 interviews, and with the inevitable push on resources, my ability to rely on you to manage these outputs securely and competently has been really important to delivery of the report. As such projects now rarely fund sufficient administrative support, I would consider that the project management services currently being developed by your company could make a valuable contribution to the success of any research project. (Interviews - Imperial College)


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