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Audiosec Limited - research interview transcription
Audio transcription services,audio typing,transcription services,research transcription,interview transcription

University Audio Transcription = research interview transcription and focus group transcription at discounted rates (Visit our interview tips page)


Our fees start from £1.10 per audio minute

Our teams work daily providing audio transcription services to university research units, completing complex interview transcription and focus group transcription projects for universities and students throughout the UK and Europe. They always provide accurate, budget-friendly interview transcription services that cover: 

  • University one to one interview transcription (and focus group transcription)
  • Digital, analogue tape, web-based and video tape transcription
  • Lecture transcription and presentation transcription
  • PACE interview transcription for government and local authority departments, solicitors and NHS fraud investigators
  • Telephone interview transcription
  • Discount rates offered to universities, students, charities and NHS Trusts for interview transcription
  • If you find a better quote please read here first.

University Research transcription: 

[click here to see our list of university clients]

Research interview transcription falls into two categories, verbatim and intelligent verbatim. Verbatim means we include absolutely everything, almost to the point of noting a pin drop, but we've yet to find an audio recording that is that precise, but if it were, we would be too.

The teams here at Audiosec Limited are working on interview transcription every day of the week (and when required evenings and weekends) to meet deadlines. Their accuracy and attention to detail is second to none and that’s why they are part of the team.

Transcribers that want to join us here have to take an audio transcription test, where they are transcribing a foreign citizen being interviewed by a foreign citizen, about their experiences of moving to this country. Needless to say the accents are challenging, but so is the fact the transcriber must supply a completely verbatim transcript, including broken English, pauses and trips of the tongue.

We provide accurate research interview transcription because all of our team are hand picked and dedicated; tenacious in their determination to not have gaps in their transcripts. They all perform their own internet research, check amongst themselves to ensure clients don’t have differing styles or quality of transcripts and proof read against the audio again at the end before returning the transcripts.

We prefer digital audio but we can cope with analogue. All analogue recordings are re-recorded to digital, and the digital recordings are made available to clients free of charge, when we send them to you across a secure file transfer system. This allows you to download them to your computer and avoids any problems with your ISP or university system refusing to accept such media. Once we receive a firm booking from a client (we supply a booking form, where you can specify your layout requirements, finance details, additional information etc) we supply a password for you to be able to use our free, secure file transfer system. You can send over audio either all at once or as it is ready. We work towards your deadlines and keep you fully informed of progress.

All audio is logged onto a project management sheet so that our clients know exactly what we have been sent and how much each research interview transcript will cost to transcribe. This gives you a Triple safety system:

  1. You know we have received everything you planned to send us.

  2. You know exactly how much the end fee will be as this is supplied in advance and the details from the project management sheet appear on your invoice.

  3. You know your research assistants are supplying the correct material and being charged accordingly.

We are happy to supply references and a confidentiality agreement. You can read some of our client's comments by clicking this link. The following universities are or have been clients of ours -

Birbeck College / Birmingham University / Bournemouth University / Bristol University / Cardiff University / Cranfield University /Dublin University of Technology /  Durham University / Glasgow University / Goldsmith College / Imperial College London  Institute of Education / Institute of Historical Research / King's College London / Leeds University / Leeds Metropolitan / Liverpool Hope University / Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine / London College of Communications / London University / London Business School  / University College London / London Metropolitan / London School of Economics & Political Science / Manchester University / Manchester Metropolitan / Nottingham University / Oriel College , Oxford / Oxford University / Oxford Brookes University / University of East London / Queen Margaret University / Royal College of Arts / Salford University / School of Advanced Study / St Anne's, Oxford / St. Anthony's, Oxford  / Surrey University / Warwick University / Wolverhampton University / RSM Erasmus University ( Rotterdam ) / Theseus-EDHEC MBA ( France )

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