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Please note that we provide written quotes so an email enquiry is preferable. However if you need a quote for your transcription project verbally in the first instance please contact  us by phone:

Telephone enquiries to Carole Evans on 07910 188060 -

Email enquiries to Dee Briston on

All under caution interviews are project managed by Dee Briston and tapes/DVDs should sent to Dee as follows, first contacting her via email to get a written quote and the appropriate booking form to enclose with the recording(s):


Dee Briston 


32a Creekmoor Lane
BH17 7BS


Audiosec Limited Audio Transcription Services:  - contact page - digital audio transcription and standard audio tape transcription, covering  conference transcription, focus group transcription, group interview transcription, university research transcription, seminar transcription, lecture transcription,  interview transcription, police interview transcription, PACE transcription, disciplinary hearing transcription, market research transcription,  university research transcription, telephone transcription and student's one to one interview transcription.  Working with Olympus digital (dss transcription), Philips digital (CELP transcription), Sony digital, Sanyo digital, wav transcription, mp3 transcription, msv transcription, dvf transcription, Windows media  transcription, mini disc transcription, video transcription, CD transcription, webcast transcription, teleconference transcription and roadshow transcription.