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I would consider that the project management services currently being developed by your company could make a valuable contribution to the success of any research project.

(Imperial College, London)


My name is Dee Briston and I am the Director. I  project manage Audiosec Limited alongside Carole Evans. 

We offer project management services to all our clients, to ensure that your requirements for layout and level of transcript content (i.e. verbatim, totally verbatim, intelligent verbatim etc) is followed throughout the project. All audio is logged onto a project management sheet, a copy of which is sent to you for your own records. This will list each of the audio files that have been received, the audio length for each file, the price each audio file will cost to transcribe, any comments on the audio content/quality, the list of which girls are working on your audio and a breakdown of the full project costs before VAT and after VAT. The project management sheet can be used as a check list for our clients to ensure that our records match your own and that we have received all the audio you meant to send over, our figures match your own and to enable the you to cross check what transcripts have been returned to you and what is outstanding. The information from the project management sheet is used to generate the invoice, thereby ensuring nothing is charged for incorrectly.

All clients are given an AUD reference. This reference should be used when sending your audio to us to enable us to track the projects we are working on. This AUD reference will appear on our invoice and if you wish to have follow up work carried out by us, this will also help us to trace your paperwork and continue to follow your instructions.

As part of the project management work, all standard audio tapes and videos are converted to .mp3 audio free of charge and copies of the .mp3 files can be sent to clients free of charge via our secure file transfer system. If you are supplying digital audio this can be sent across our file transfer system, details of which are sent to you once a confirmed booking is received.

You will be provided with a written quote (via email), a blank project booking form for you to complete and to me, at which time you are then sent instructions for sending your audio across our secure, encrypted file transfer system. A confidentiality agreement will also be issued, if required, once a booking has been made. Each of the team members signs a confidentiality agreement with Audiosec Limited, which prevents the team members from discussing any aspect of the work outside of the group assigned to work on your project - and also covers your intellectual property rights. 


Please visit our contact details page to get in touch with one of our project managers.



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