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We offer a choice of transcription services. Below you will find a hyperlinked list of the services we provide, to make it quick and easy for you to navigate to the information you require.

We can provide you with a variety of 'depths' of information in our transcripts. A list of the these are also shown below.

Please feel free to contact Dee Briston if you require any further help.


Our transcribers have a wide range of professional experience as transcribers. We specialise in the above audio transcription services but are not limited to this list. Please contact us with your specific enquiry.

Intelligent verbatim                

Interviewer and Respondent: leave out background noises, um’, ‘eh’, ‘you know’ etc No repetitions, descriptors or tripping over words included. A tidying up of the transcript but without losing or adding to any of the important data.  OPTION– include ((laughs)) to show emotion of respondent


Semi verbatim

Interviewer only: leave out background noises, ‘um’, ‘eh’, ‘you know’ , interruptions by interviewer etc not included

Respondent: leave out background noises but Include ‘um’, ‘eh’, ‘you know’ with repetitions, descriptors (i.e. laughingly, hesitates, pauses) or tripping over words included.


Totally verbatim    

Interviewer and Respondent: Including everything that was said and heard. This includes ‘um, ‘eh’, ((with hesitation)), ((laughingly)), ((sarcastically)), ((slight pause)) and exactly what the interviewer said  OPTION– include pigeon English or mispronunciation such as ‘coz and wouldn’t ‘ve dunnit that way

We will liaise with clients regarding the layout once the project begins. Often clients choose an option for their interviews (such as totally verbatim) and realise that they would have preferred another format (semi verbatim) once they see the interview in print.


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