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 Police interview transcription services

This page relates to IUC (interview under caution) transcription, under caution interview transcription, police station interview transcription, PACE transcription and inquest transcription. We also consider the information on this page to be relevant to tribunal transcription, disciplinary hearing transcription, NHS fraud transcription, trading standards IUC transcription and standards committee transcription.

All under caution interview transcription is completely verbatim, including every utterance and descriptors such as ((tapping on the table)) or ((tearful)) to describe what is happening in the interview as well as what is being said. We transcribe from standard PACE interview tapes and also video interviews, such as in child protection cases. All police tapes are converted to mp3 file and supplied to our clients free of charge, but no editing is carried out to fall in line with the legal requirements of evidence tapes/under caution interviews.  

How we work:

  • Contact Dee Briston for a written quote and booking form on

  • Tapes should be sent to our registered office - 32a Creekmoor Lane, Creekmoor, Poole, Dorset BH17 7BS 

  • All analogue tapes are converted to digital audio free of charge and a copy supplied to clients

  • Original tapes are returned to clients via 2nd class recorded delivery

Our clients include:

  • Solicitors - civil and criminal law

  • Local authorities - Fly Tipping Enforcement, Street Care teams, Benefit fraud

All under caution interview transcription is input into a standard form we use here that can be used in legal cases, but if you have an in-house form you wish us to use we would be happy to oblige. We will copy of the standard forms we use at the time of your enquiry for your information.

We have been working with solicitors for over six years providing audio transcription of PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence) interviews. We are happy to transcribe from video and standard tape. Our experience includes (but is not limited to) transcribing interviews in relation to murder cases, child protection cases (where video evidence was required), corporate manslaughter, theft and actual bodily harm.

If details on the ROTI could be included this would assist us in correctly identifying the attendees, with the accurate recording of names. Where this is not possible, a phonetic spelling will be included with a notation to indicate that the typist is unsure of the correct spelling.

Audiosec Limited is delighted to have worked with solicitors, Government bodies and Enforcement Officers.

Please note: Our payment terms for PACE interview transcription is no longer than 45 working days from receipt of our final invoice. If you require longer payment terms please discuss this with us.

We also cover verbatim audio transcription of NHS fraud investigation, NHS internal inquiries and HSE inspector reports and investigation audio transcription.

If you are unsure if the recording you have is something we can help you with then please contact us. If you find a better quote please read here first. Contact us for a quote.

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police interview transcription

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