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This page covers conference transcription, but could equally be useful for people looking for seminar transcription, roadshow transcription, symposium transcription or keynote speaker transcription.

Where one person is speaking to an audience, followed by questions and answers, this would fall under the category of presentation transcription. If you are producing a presentation and want the recorded event to be transcribed we would be happy to assist you. If you have been to an event where conference papers are not available but you have the recordings and the handouts, we would be able to provide you with a transcript of the event, whether that be the whole conference or the presentation of one or two speakers that were of particular interest to you. We would politely point out, however, that full transcripts would only be possible if you had original recordings from the event and not recordings taken from a handheld recorder used to record the event from your seating place as too much background noise and a quiet recording will mean our transcripts are unlikely to be a full and accurate representation of what took place.

We are able to produce accurate transcripts of your conference, whether that be a half day, full day or week long event. Our team work alongside your presentation slides to provide conference papers that accurately reflect the event for those who were unable to attend or for those that want a full transcript of the event. Our turnaround time for a one day conference is seven working days, which includes a full proof read against the original audio and matching up the PowerPoint slides with the speakers' presentations.  For digital recordings (.mp3, .wav etc) we can provide transcripts within six working days, but for standard tape recordings or mini disc recordings a day is set aside to convert all tapes and/or mini discs to digital format for transcription. These digital copies are then provided to the client, free of charge, if sent via a secure file transfer system we use for you to download to your computer. If you would prefer CD copies of the digital recordings a small charge would be incurred for time and materials.

Our teams work to the highest standards, using their extensive personal knowledge and that obtained from Internet research. We find conference transcription a delight fuelling our thirst for knowledge alongside our tenacity for providing an accurate conference transcription service.

We provide discounted rates for lecture transcription where there are a whole series of lectures planned and we would be delighted to discuss your lecture transcription requirements.

If you have come to our site looking for transcription services and you are not entirely sure whether your project falls under the heading of conference transcription, please feel free to contact Dee Briston to find out how we can assist you.  

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